Why Choose Us? - Tired Of Bill Collectors Why Choose Us? - Tired Of Bill Collectors
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Why Choose Us?

Credit Counseling

That’s a great question. Here are some unfortunate facts. In today’s credit repair industry, there are too many people masquerading as credit repair professionals. Here are some examples that you can relate to.

1. They are in business only to make some quick money.
2. They have very little training on what credit repair is or is not.
3. They are not ashamed to use illegal or immoral means to help a person get their credit swagger back.
4. They do not have up to date strategies to help people put their financial houses in order.

The bottom line is that in too many circumstances, a person’s unique individual situation is put on the back burner. At Collections & Credit Solutions, LLC, we not only get to know each person’s situation, we give them revolutionary credit repair ideas as to why they are having so many financial problems. Here are a couple examples.

1.We reveal to each client what their credit profile is. Since most people do not have a clue what their profile is, they have no idea if it is positive or negative.
2. People do not know the 20 things they need to consider before they pay on their collection accounts. They will never get that information from a bill collector.
3. People are given two fantastic options to fix their credit. Let’s go over them.

You can get one on one credit repair assistance for at least a year. That includes but is not limited to customized letters, budgeting assistance, credit repair, assistance with bill collectors, etc.

You can go to the products section and get your six-part copy of a program called My Credit is Bad. I am Ready to Fix it Now! for only $9.95. You will also get a free copy of Set of 50 sample Collection & Credit letters.