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Charles Underwood has intimately known the workings of debt acquisition and recovery for more than four decades. He understands what the average consumer is not privy to as it relates to debt, credit repair and credit restoration. Through his books, training and experience, he has revealed inside information in how to get a fresh start in rebuilding financial lives.

Charles began his career in debt collections in the 70’s while earning a degree in Marketing at Wayne State University. He has become an expert in his field by working for a national bank that issued their own credit cards and debt collection agencies that collected debt across the United States. Through his debt collection and customer service manuals, Charles began to train and develop the dialogue that thousands of consumers feared when they answered the phone call of a recovery agent. He knows the legal and illegal strategies used to recover assets.

Not only does Charles have great insight as to why consumers have a tough time paying off their bills, he has also learned the formulas behind credit score rankings, credit card approval/denial and how consumers could prevent themselves from having derogatory credit. The knowledge Charles has obtained over the years was used to increase the profits of the companies he worked for.

Some of the places Charles has spoken at include The Legal Aid Defenders Association, Wayne County Community College District-Eastern Campus, AAA Crisis pregnancy Center, Family Victory Fellowship Church, Detroit Rescue Mission and WDWO TV 18 in Detroit. In addition to giving monthly teachings on budgeting at AAA, he is seeking to get his books included as part of the employee benefit program of a local utility company.

Through his books, counseling sessions and seminars, he is now helping people change their financial habits. Charles not only reveals how financial crisis begins but also gives people strategies to insure they will never fall prey to their previous habits. Charles can be contacted at 313-744-5977, 313-613-0637 or by e-mail at gethelpnow@tiredofbillcollectors.com. Charles is married and lives in Detroit with his wife Brenda.